Urgent Advice Needed-H1B TRANSFER

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  I am on H1B visa with Company "A"(desi company) working as Full Time on yearly package basis.As they promised that i would be paid even on bench they did so till Dec 15 .In actuality my project ended on october 27.After that they couldnt find a project for me.And today(Jan 15) they have issued a termination from consultancy  saying that my H1B would be revoked in few days.My question is

1.How many days do i have to transfer to new company"B".

2.For the H1B transfer i see that we need the latest pay stubs.But i have my pay stubs only till Dec 15.Company B has filed a LCA and waiting for approval.

3.Am i out of status now as i dont have pay roll for the past 1 month but my H1b is still valid and not revoked yet.

4.If Uscis asks me for the pay stubs after Dec 15th how can i respond them?Can a W2 of the year 2014 year be a solution for it?

5.How many days would it take to revoke H1b after termination.(Company A has said it can hold it for few days and after that it would be automatically get cancelled).


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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