Change of Employer post I-140 Approval


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Hi Folks, 


I am new to this forum and country, currently I am working with an Indian MNC on H1-B status and on second year of my H1.


My employer is ready to file the GC immediately but only in EB3 category.


My questions to the forum regarding GC processing are:

  1. Can I quit my current employer post I-140 approval?
  2. Can my employer who filed I-140 revoke the approved I-140 post 6 months also?
  3. Can the new employer upgrade from EB-3 to EB-2 without any legal hassle?

Is it wort to take the above steps or rather quit the current employer and find an employer who can file GC in EB2 category  (after completing 1 year with the new employer) and stick on with the new employer till the GC is approved.


Thanks in Advance to the forum!!


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Hi All,


   I am currently working on H-1B which began on Oct. 2014 and my employer had filed for my Labor PERM Processing in Aug. 2014. Last week, I got a new job offer but unable to take a decision since my PERM processing status is yet to be known. I would like to know as to how long should I wait post my I-140 approval to change my employer so that I can port my priority date when my new employer begins my GC processing. 


Thanks in Advance to the forum

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Hello. I am a Canadian Citizen, born in India, on a H1 visa to US since 2010. My family is on H4 and children are attending school/college as H4 residents (all Indian born Canadian Citizens). I have my I-140 filed and PD for green card is Oct 2011. If my company sends me on a 1.5 year foreign tenure and brings me back, I can accelerate my GC processing. But, is it possible that my wife and kids can live in US, and attend school, since I will be filing my returns here and also we have property, and we are all Canadian Citizens.

Second scenario is , if I lose my job, do I need to go back to Canada with family and look for a job? or as a Canadian National owning property in US, can my children continue school here, while I look for a job?

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