Unused Company A H1B VISA Stamp valid till 2016 even after Company B transfered H1B VISA stamped but still working with Company A


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   Please let me know the answer to this situation..



Having Valid H1B VISA Stamp till 2016 from Company A but did not get opportunity and not went to US yet.


Hence transferred H1B with Company B and gets VISA stamped but still working with Company A.


Now i have an opportunity with Company A, where as in my passport both companies H1B VISA stamps are there (Company A H1B stamp not cancelled in passport).




Now my question can i use my Company A VISA Stamp to go to US as Company A is having opportunity as i am still working with Company A only?


Should i need to inform to Company A as i have Company B H1B VISA stamp as well as Company A H1B VISA stamp which was not cancelled by consulate?


Will there be any problem if i do not inform my transferred H1B VISA stamp to my current Company A as i am still working with this company and wanted to utilize opportunity with Current company only?


Will i face any problem at POE if i go to US for Company A opportunity as my passport is having two valid H1B VISA stamps (i.e. company A and company B).



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