H1 general processing - still pending on jan12th


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Hi Guys,


My H1 petition got picked in April2014 under general processing and got RFE later. Response was sent in time and the petition is still pending. USCIS status update: "Received RFE response on Aug20th and we are reviewing your response. You should expect an update by Oct19th, unless fingerprinting or interview is needed". 

The status update remains same even today. Is there any one else in the same situation. Would the chances of approval of petition get worse or better or unaffected upon escalation of my petition to premium processing? My employer claims that he already opened a "case inquiry". How long does it take to get response for case inquiry?


If any suggestions, pls advice..



Thank you..

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Even my situation also same Oct 7th USCIS received my RFE doc. You should updated by dec 6th. Still today same status. Now what can I do. Should I pay premium or no please some can reply me.

If there is no response to a service request by 30 days then employer has to contact USCIS. Alternatively your employer can request for upgrade to PP.

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No change in the status.. My employer said that he escalated it to premium process about a week ago. But, neither the email receipt received nor the status is updates in uscis website.. donno what's happening.. It's 10 months since we applied and no decision made yet.. really frustrating.. I dont know if this is happening only with VERMONT center..

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Hi , 

I am also facing the same situation. Query was submitted twice. Then i went on the conference call on with uscis on 24th Jan. For Vermont location they said they still processing 7April 2014 application. My application was received on 10th April. 

This wait is frustrating. I have started looking of studying options. For ppl who are keen on working in US. I would suggest keep studying as plan B always.

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Me too in same situation.Got reciept in april,later on got RFE in july.Replied to RFE on aug 26th.From then no reply from uscis.I see a strange message "appeal was dismissed" and the original decision remains the same in november.When my employer contacted uscis,they replied it technical error as they updated the site.As we did appeal for anything,still waiting for decision.


Raised an service request in dec,got reply that application still under processing(california service center)Again my self called uscis on jan 21 to get an update on case.they put another service request to california service center.Till now there is no reply for service request.


Not sure whats going on overthere.Please let me know if any suggestion






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