PERM/LABOR - Job requirement question.

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I am having question with my new PERM application. I just changed my employer to company C, after working for company A ( for 3 Years) and company B (for 5 Years) resp. I now have approved I140 thru company B but don't have my dates current. 


As I moved to employer company C now, I need to start my GC process starting with PERM application again. I have perviously approved PERM/LABOR with both company A & B, both companies applied in EB2 with minimum requirement in the PERM job posting as Masters + 1Year experience or Bachelors + 5 Years of Experience (I have Masters degree). 


Now my concern/question is company c (my current employer) don't want to mention Masters as minimum requirement for the job posting and only want to mention Bachelors + 5Years.


Experts now I need your suggestion/opinion, do you see any issue with this for my new PERM/LABOR, will I get a query?

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