H1B Extension Approved with Consular Processing


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Hello All,


My H1B Extension has been Approved with Consular Processing without I-94. I need to depart the US and apply for Visa at consulate abroad.


My current H1B is valid till Mid-February and Iam currently in US.


If anyone gone through this situation, please post you experience.


Also mentioned in the Approval Notice is that " If the worker apply for a visa at a consulate other than listed(Mumbai), the petitioner should file Form I-824, application for action on an approved application or petition, to request us to notifythe new consulate".

Wanted to know can I go for visa stamping to Canada or Mexico without filing I-824. I asked my attorney, He said there is no need to apply for I-824, I can go to any Third country(canada/mexico). If someone know Please shed some light on this.





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I have transferred my h1b visa from A to B. I got RFE. My visa stamping expired already. My I-94 with A is valid till 2017. But A has withdrawn petition. If i want to transfer my visa to C do they need to file my transfer only in consular mode or they can file it in general mode?
Do i need to travel back to india?
Consular mode mandatory?
Please clarify this question.
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