Successful Stamping - Mumbai Jan 06


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I have appeared for visa interview on Jan 06 in Mumbai, it was a straight forward clear experience. I have an appointment @ 11.00AM. 

Reached to the consulate around 10.30 am, after security clearance and every thing stood in the line (there was not much rush, so no token number is given). around 10.45 am I have my chance to appear on a window for interview. Below is the details for question were asked:-


  1. VO - Good Morning, How are you ?
  2. Do you directly for XXX or its through a consulting company?
  3. What is your designation and what you do for them?
  4. What is your Highest Level of education?
  5. Is your wife is also travelling with you?

    Finally the golden words has been announced :)
  6. Congratulations your visa is approved.

Just a quick background of my case that I have completed my Masters from USA and currently working as a full time employee with one of the largest USA based IT company. 




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