H1b for B-com graduates


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I am trying to get an H1 Visa for my wife. One of the consultants is ready for applying but he says her graduation in Commerce (B-com) may be  a problem. He says only science graduates would get H1 approval. Is this true?

My wife's qualifications are:


MBA Finance

9 years experience in I T Risk

also she has done the GNIIT course from NIIT.

Please advise.

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No your employer is wrong. H1B requires at least an undergraduate degree which is a US equivalent. You have not mentioned if the B Com is 4 years or 2 years. But regardless of 2 or 4 years, the MBA degree is 2 years or more so it makes the qualification to 4 year under graduate degree.

I had a 2 year B Com and MBA Finance, Marketing, and Information Systems. I did not have any issue.

Just have the evaluation done by a reputed credit evaluation agency.

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