Contacting USCIS about consequences of H1 visa revocation


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Hello Murthy,


I am on F1 till OCt 19th 2014 and I have my OPT till Nov 6th 13 and then I moved to CPT on Oct 22nd 13 and applied for H1 on April 14. I got approve I-797C on May7th 14 and on Oct 5th 14 I come out of college and on Oct 7th 14 I got NOIR and submitted documents USCIS asked we submitted all the documents on 6thNov14 and then on 5Dec14 I got revoke notice stating that I didnt maintain valid F1 status during the time of H1 filing because my college send document saying that CPT is not integral part. That is the reason why USCIS revoke my H1 petition and ask me to leave the country I left the country on Dec 21 14.What are the chances that are available for me to come back to US. I mean can I come to US as dependent H4 visa,


what is the period of my unlawful presence in USA and any period of ban on me to enter into USA on H4 visa.


Thank you very much for your reponse.

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From the TVU raid on, in Jan. 2011, there really is NO excuse to abuse the F1 with CPT anymore.

Everybody knows that is a fraud.

It is in your file forever.

As for a ban, you'd have to discuss the details of your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

If there is no ban or it expired, you could get an H4. But you can forget an H1, unless it is for a real company, not one of these shady consulting companies, and everything is absolutely by the book.

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Hello All:

My H1-b petition I-797A, was renewed in May 2014 & is valid till May 2015. The Visa stamp on my passport expired on 14-Nov-2014.

Due to a personal emergency Ive to travel back to India in January 15 & return by February 15. Ive to get the visa stamped again to re-enter US. My company has also mentioned that they would be filing for an extension on my H1-b after my return to US.

What are the chances of visa getting rejected, with US consulate stating only 3 months are left on my petition, there is no reason to go back to US?

Im hoping to use the drop-box facility instead of appearing in-person at Chennai consulate. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.


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