H1B filing thru contractor vs FTE


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I am working on OPT STEM extension as my visa was not picked up on first attempt with the company I was employed. Since my company is not STEM certified (E - Verified), they put me on contractor and I work same job but paid through contractor and this year both my Company and Contractor are applying my H1B visa. 

Also, I got another offer from full time firm that also willing to apply for my H1B if I join. 

Do you think I would have better chances in my present role, as two companies (my company and contractor) are applying for my visa. Or I should take new company offer and apply for visa as direct employee. 

Also, would there be any big questions while H1b interview if my contractor visa gets selected ??. 

Would appreciate early response. thanks …

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Multiple H1b from different employers is legal.

How USCIS process the lottery, whats impact of multiple filings on chances no one knows. But, logically, USCIS knows this fact, and will act as per beneficiary's intent.

Make sure not paying H1b fees to employer, its illegal. 

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