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My current visa is valid till April 2015 and stamping was done for that in Dec 2013.. My new H1 starts from April 2015. I'm planning to visit India for 3 weeks in February-2015 and my employer asked me to go for H1 Stamping with the future H1 copy before i come back. Now here my question is can i go for stamping while my current H1 is valid? if so should i provide my current and future H1 copies for stamping?

Note: It is same employer who filed my H1 both the times but client is different.

Thanks in advance

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Yes you can appear for H1 Stamping, you may not need to carry the old petition but you must carry the new approved petition. New stamp will be based on the tenure approved on your new petition. 


I am not sure but check around for Visa Interview Waiver program if employer is not changed, in that case you just have to drop your passport and H1B approval notice....and you will get your visa stamped. I have heard this new process. 

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