221 G Green slip issed -H4 Visa stamping


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My husband atteneded H4 visa stamping at Toronto consulate today,and VO issued a Green slip and asked to submit "proof of legal status from period x to y". she asked  him to visit the embassy on any thursday/Tuesday at 1:30 PM.But she has nt checked anything on the green slip except the document name which she requested .


will there be any issue to enter to us consulate , toronto , because he dont have written stmt saying to visit embassy on the days she mentioned.his passport is still with embassy.


Please let me know if you have any idea.


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I don't think there will be any issues if the consular officer has suggested him to visit the consulate on certain days. You may have to talk to security and they will verify with the officer and let him in.


Also, why do you think they asked your husband to prove legal status only for a certain period. Can you share more details about his case.

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Thank you all for ur replies.His visa in the passport is valid till Aug 2011.we visited India in 2010 and when coming back at port of entry we got I-94 for 3 years(L1 ).so it is legal to stay in US with i-94 and no need to apply for visa extension.in 2012 his company applied for H1 B .when he attended the interview yesterday at Toronto, VO first asked how long u stayed in US .Then she verified the visa stamp.


L1 visa stamp is valid till Aug 2011.

H1 receipt date is July 2012.


so she want the status proof from Aug 2011 to July 2012. My husband showed her the stamp on the passport given at the port of entry , but still she did nt convinced.


she gave Green slip and wrote on the others sec to provide "proof of valid status in the US between that period"


we do have copy of I-94 given at that time, but did nt carry that doc to consulate.


But He got his H1 B stamped back in India successfully last year.


he is going to consulate with that doc today and I will update you the status.

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