H1b - H4 - F1 - India ---- H1b eligible ??


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Hi Gurus,


I have a quick question..


My situation is i was on H1b visa and completed my 6 years on H1b. (2006 - 2012)

Later i switched to H4 visa as my spouse was working on H1b..

then i wanted to study and converted my H4 to F1..


I moved back to India last year May -- May 2014

and here i have joined an IT services company..


Now my company wants to file for my H1b visa...


My question is Am i eligible for H1b ... because H1b filing will be on 1st April 2015  but i returned back to India in May 2014 .. 

I know the rule is to stay out of US for 1 year or more..


Are the dates counted from the day you land in India to the Next years April 1 ??


P.S - I did not apply for Green Card..


Thanks in Advance !!

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