Change Job and Field of work after completion of Masters and approved I-140


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Hello Experts,


I am currently pursuing my MS in a STEM designated field from a public US research university. I have an approved PERM and my I-140 (EB3) has been filed with my current employer. My questions are, after my I-140 is approved -


1. Would i be elligible to change my job to the field of my study post completion of my Masters and based on my approved I-140?

2. Would there be any issues when changing my H1B from my current profile as an IT professional to the new field, given that i have completed a Masters in the field?

3. Would i be able to retain the priority date from my approved I-140 after my new employer files for PERM/I-140?

4. If the new job profile is elligible for EB2 would there be any issues regading the fact that my current one is in EB3?


Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and for your answers.

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