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I had joined as a fulltime employee for a one of the employers. My employer is not following the law and he comiited the fraud like by not paying me while i was on bench.. He ran a fake payroll saying that he had provided training during non project days and deducted money from my salary.

Also i changed the location and he told me that he amended the h1b. but he is not willing to show a proof.

He kept my visa at risk and i wanted to go to india for my marriage.i am sure my visa will be rejected if i have no amendment. In this situation i took offer from my vendor and i had informed this to my employer. Yes i did signed non compete agreement and employer based on illinois state.

Employer sent a legal notice to me and asked to pay the losses incurred to him.i have heard that non compete agreements are in valid in illinois state if the job duration is less than 1 year .

Can i inform DOL about my employer?

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I wanted to clarify one thing. When I say "fake payroll" .. He deducted 5k$ from mysalary stating that they have given trainng.I calling it as FAKE.


I have not received any training from any body . He just made me to wait for project for a month and did not pay me salary for that month.In the paystub he made a record saying the salary was paid in form of training.

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Fake payroll is part of financial terrorism. Apart from DOL also complain to local FBI.

Use WH4 to report your employer. 


Yes, fake payroll is a felony. And if the check was sent via mail, it is also postal fraud. The Postal inspectors have as much power as the police.

Mail fraud should be reported to the Postal inspectors (the USPS has a website for that.)

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"When I say "fake payroll" .. He deducted 5k$ from mysalary stating that they have given trainng.I calling it as FAKE."

Generally employers give training at their own cost.  If they plan to charge you, they must have previous approval from you. Talk to your states DOL representative. 

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