Lost Original I797


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Hi All,

I am going for Stamping on Jan mid this year. I applied for H1b in 2013 and got the petition approved in November but my COS was denied. Then my attorney corrected the status through an amendment in February.Then I worked at a different client location than the one applied for so another amendment was filed for the change of client. In the mean time the attorney also got changed. And my employer does not remember getting the documents of my first petition. I have the Original I797 for my 2nd petition(Amendment of Status)and the entire package for my third petition ( I797+i129+client letter+Po+Employee Employer reln docs etc). I have the scanned copy of I797 of the First Petition. Can I go for stamping without the original I797 for the old petition? My employer is saying there may or may not be an issue.

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