Approved H1B Revoked - Cap Exempt after completing 6 years of first approved H1B


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Hello All...


Looking for comments/suggestion svery badly.. a brief about my scenario is as below:


1. I had my H1B visa and traveled to US for the first time in Dec 2008.

2. I returned back to India in April 2010.

3. Traveled again to USA in December 2010 and returned back to India in March 2012.

4. My H1-B got expired in September 2013.

5. My current employer is now ready to do a L1-B for me.


Now, my question is: For some reason, if my L1 visa is rejected in the consulate, would I still be able to go ahead and apply for H1 under non-cap category? 

Or due I have to go through the entire process from lottery all over again?


Your response would be really helpful now for me to take a major decision.

Thanks in advance!!

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