H1B VISA stamping - Mexico/Canada which is better


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Dear Friends,

Please advice me on the following.


I have got H1B visa from Company A on Dec 2012 and I have VISA stamping till Sep 2015.

I came to US on Oct 2013 and in May 2014 I have transferred my VISA to Company B, and  now I am transferring my H1 to Company C , petition approval is in process.


I am planning to attend for VISA stamping in Canada/Mexico so that I can travel India in future without any issue's.


1) Can I attend for stamping either in FEB or March or do I need to wait till my VISA expires ?

2) CANADA/Mexico ,which consulate is better to attend for VISA stamping ?  , which one is having more chances to get the stamping done ?

3) During the stamping will they ask me why I have changed this many employers if so what is the best answer


Thank you in advance 


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"...so that I can travel India in future without any issue's."   If you are an Indian national, you can always travel to India without issues.  and it seems you are.



1.  I believe you may be able to stamp prior to current visa expiration, but it seems one can interview only 90 days prior.  But please confirm and let us know.  


2.  People on the forum seem to have similar results at each consulate.  


3.  Just make sure you are well prepared for this question, if asked.   Better opportunities and career advancement seem like good answers.

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