Process to apply for L2 Visa

Roopa Vinjamoori

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Hi Team,


My husband has got his L1 visa stamped and is moving to US in next 10 days. I want to apply for L2 Visa and then plan to get EAD and work in US in a suitable profile.


1) How do I apply for L2? Is there any official site? Or should I go to US consulate and manually fill a form?


2) Should my husband's employer need to know that I am applying for L2?


3) List of documents to be prepared for.


Thank you,


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1. Check US consulate website. You will need to fill form DS160 online. Later based on confirmation number you need to pay visa application fee and then book an appointment for visa interview at US consulate. Steps are the same how your spouse got a L1 visa.

2. No.

3. A copy of your spouse passport, copy of L1 petition with approval notice, marriage certificate and your passport.

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