I140 approved;Changing company;When to inform employer before or end of H1 transfer


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 Hello All


My I-140 got approved with my current employer and I am on my 7th year of my H1B visa. Now I got a job at another company and need to transfer my H1B visa.


The question I have is, when do I need to put in a 15 day notice?

  1. Apply for a H1B transfer first and notify my current employer at the end of 15 days of the transfer process. OR
  2. Notify my current employer and then apply for a transfer?


I know if I notify my current employer that I am changing company and if they notify USCIS to cancel my green card process, I will lose my H1B status.


Also after I transfer my H1B to the new company and they are yet to file for a green card, if my current company cancels my green card process, will I lose my H1B status?


Thank you for your input

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your current company may revoke your I 140 and if that happens then you will not be eligible for H1b transfer/extension with your new company. Its probably safe to apply for H1b for new employer using the I 140 of the previous employer first using the H1b premium process. you will get your results in 2 weeks. Then leave your current employer with immediate effect. 


This is especially true, if your current employer is sadistic DESI company. They will intimidate you to revoke your I 140 and they will try to not let you go and if you go then they will try to destroy you.........

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