H1B Stamping at Jamaica Kingston US consulate for third country nationals


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I have read the below message saying they stopped receiving applications for third country nationals at Jamaican US Consulate. 




I have a situation here. 


1. My I-94 expired on 11/28/2014.

2. My H1B extension with my current employer was denied on 12/15/2014

3. My H1B petition for extension is filed with the new employer and got RFE to choose consulate to send the approval notice as my earlier visa is denied and I-94 was expired already. 

4.We did not read this news about not accepting the applications for third country nationals and my new employer chose Jamaica consulate for attending interview as I requested.


So, my question is did any one chose Jamaica Consulate after 10/31/2014 with I-94 expired. Was there any issue in getting the approval? i am Indian national. So, please let me know if any one went to Jamaica after 10/31/2014 with similar situation and let me know if Visa was approved. 


Second question is, can I go to india for stamping even the consulate chosen is Jamaica while answering RFE?


Appreciate your experience and suggestion on this. 




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Hi Vijay


I went to Kingston, Jamaica on Dec 15th and my visa was approved.


Mine is H1B extension and I do have valid I-94 however my previous H1B  visa was expired in 2012.


You should be good to go for stamping as long as you have valid petition and I-94 and not received any email from embassy about cancellation of your slot.


Prepare mentally to stay at least two weeks since it took 8 working days to get my PP  back. Also, make sure at POE ask for one month visit visa otherwise you will get only 2 weeks visit visa. I got only for 2 weeks visit visa but able to get my PP before my visit stay expires and I do see for others it take 2-3 weeks. so, without hesitation ask for 1 month stay at POE.



All the best.




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Vijay - did your new I-797 have I-94 attached? if not, then technically you are Out of status from 12/15/2014 (or may be from 11/28/2014) and as per the guideline of Kingston consulate, you may not be elegible to get the stamping there. I would personally think you should double check with some qualified attorney on this before going to Jamaica. 

Good luck...

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