Ottawa 221g December 11th No update yet


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I had my H1B Extension Visa Interview on Dec 11th @ Ottawa. Visa Officer asked 4-5 questions and the interview lasted for less than 5 minutes.


Who is your Employer, Who is Your Client, Since when are you working for this client, Job Duties, Do you have a vendor etc. I am in EVC model and have A-Z Documents but none were asked.


He then said your Visa will be approved but will take 15 days for additional review and handed me a White Slip that says 221g. He didn't mention reason for 221g.


Only documents asked where my Passport and I797. He kept my I797 and returned my passport.


I have not received any update since then. I have sent couple of emails to consulate but got response only once saying your case is in admin processing and we dont know how long it will take at this time. Neither my client or Employer have been contacted. I dont know if they sent anyone an email for documents etc since none got an email or call from consulate.


If someone has gone through the same process before can you help me with options on below:


1) how to find out whats going on behind the scenes so i can at least get an estimate of how long this will take.

2) Should i try going to consulate and ask them for updates.

3) I have a common Muslim Name. How to find out if this was the trigger for admin processing?

4) Where is the admin processing done. Is it by the Consulate/USCIS/FBI etc and how to get an update from them.

5) Is it better to wait in Ottawa or go to India and do i have to come back to Ottawa when Visa gets approved or can i get it done in India.

6) What if they sent a request for additional documents etc and it didn't reach me. How do i find out.


I would really appreciate if someone could help me with the above. It would really help me and others who are in similar situation!


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Did u get your visa yet? what emails were you trying to contact?

No. Its still says admin processing. No update from consulate. I have sent emails to &  but they rarely respond. I only got a response back once with a one line saying its in admin processing and no timelines.

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