No Job during H1-B RFE Process


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My H-1 B is in RFE stage, and my Lawyer is collecting documents from the employer to submit it to USCIS.


But I have been idle for one month without any job at client location,  and no Pay Stubs from one Month.


And my Employer is find a project for me.


My question is , how days can I stay like this without any Pay Stubs generating during H1-B Transfer Process?


Please respond, Your valuable suggestions, would help me.



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I am on H1-B , but not extension, and the Process in on RFE

That doesn't make sense.

If you are on H1, you need to get paid. Period. End of story.

And the only way you could get an RFE is if an H1 extension or transfer to a new employer, which would be the same as an extension, is pending.

But in any case, you need to get paid. Make sure you get paid. File a complaint with DOL if you don't get paid.

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