Extending/Renewing I-94


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Pardon me if this is duplicate topic. 



My wife's H1-B and I-94 both are valid until 29th Oct 2015. 


We are not planning (or hope not)  to travel anytime for next one year since we are expecting a baby. 


My question for experts here is that, once my wife's employer files H1-B extension ( I believe at max 6 months prior to expiry of current one which is 29th April 2015) and assuming it is approved, do we have a way to extend her I-94 form also?  I followed this link: 




Which suggests filing form I-129 to extend stay for H visa holders but I could not confirm if this form also issues new I-94 with extended departure date. Specifically because this form I believe is filled with every H1 petition.


If there is a way to renew I-94 without leaving the county, I have one more question:

Her passport expires in May 2016. We will apply for passport renewal at earliest allowed time which is May 2015. If it is possible to get renewed I-94, it is a good idea to get passport also renewed before we file I-129 so that we have uninterrupted stay? Otherwise we can not have I-94 beyond passport expiry.  


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  

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