H1B Stamping from Canada/India


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1) I am planning to go to Canada for H1b Visa stamping. I wanted to know if for some reason i get declined can i reapply back in India with the same H1b petition and employer for stamping or i have to change my employer?


2) I came to USA on F1 in 2010 and after my Bachelors - OPT. I got my H1 in 2012 since last 4 years i have not visited India. With in last 2 years i have changed 2 employers and this is my 3rd employer. Weather i should go to Canada for stamping or India? Will there be any issue at all during my stamping if i go to India/Canada?


Please help me to get answers to the above 2 question. So i can plan my H1b stamping accordingly.


Thank You !!!

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Hi Jai,


I came to know from a friend that if i go to Canada and for some reason i get rejected i wont be eligible to apply back in india with the same employer and has to change my employer. So i just wanted to confirm weather that statement is correct or not. I don't know if any different decision will be taken in the second attempt but just wanted to make sure i have an option of reapplying if i get rejected in Canada. 


Thank you!!

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