switch from H4 to B1/B2 when having both visa stamps


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             I am presently on H4 Visa and also have a B1/B2 visa stamp on my passport valid till next 5 years. I have entered US an year ago on H4 visa so my I94 reflects that. I was recently offered a volunteer position in a university and they told me since I was on H4, I cannot take it up.

So my Question now is that since I also have a valid B1/B2 stamp, can I quickly exit and reenter US on this B1/B2 visa? Since its an unpaid volunteer position, I think I can take up this position albeit for only 6 mnths after which I will have to either re-enter again or change to J1 for good. But atleast I will have time to do that.


Thanks in advance.


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