pay stubs for H1B Transfer

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I am currently working in a company ABC and last six months i have the payslips, but first six months ABC did not generate pay slips and they generated it on the last month, Now i got a offer in XYZ for H1B transfer they are asking 4 payslips.


The Problem is in my last month pay slip the Year to date amount is full amount, but the pay slip before that has less Year to date amount as the the remaining 6 payslips where just generated last month.


Will it be a problem if i send the payslips will they check the Year to date amount.


Dec Pay slip has 60k as Year to date.

Nov Pay slip has 30K as year to date.



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The Pay slips for first six months have been generated on dec pay slip, But the problem now is Nov pay slip has the Year to date amount as 30k and Dec pay slip has the Year to Date amount has 60K because all the first six months pay slips were generated on this date.

If i give these two Dec and Nov pay slips for my H1 Transfer will it be a problem??


Will they check YTD amount and raise RFE because of the Year to Date Amount Difference?

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They have paid it on dec and thats the reason the final dec pay slip has year to date as 60K, Now when we apply for Transfer will there be a problem as the 6 pay slips were generated on single month?


It IS a problem.

The law says that a person on H1 has to get paid no less than monthly. Not paying for 1/2 year and then paying it all in one lump sum is NOT allowed.

File a complaint with DOL on form WH4, and find a better employer.

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