EB2 NIW: Am I qualified?


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I have a plan to apply for EB2 NIW. Here are my credentials:


1) PhD candidates in Chemical Engineering in a good university in USA since Sep 2011

2) MSc Degree in Chemical Engineering

3) Published 7 journal articles (3 first author). Total 60 independent citations.

4) 6 presentations in good quality conferences + 4 poster presentations

9) Reviewed journal articles for 5 journals (total 18 articles)

5) Membership of well known scientific and engineering societies (Member of Tau Beta PI honor society and Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society)

8) Received a scholarship award and 2 times poster awards

10) Silver medal (second ranked) in National Olympiad of Chemical Engineering in my born country (and receiving an award)



I would appreciate if you could say how much I have chance to be approved for EB2 NIW. Is it possible?



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