Urgent DS160: Previous Employment Dates


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Hi Frnds,

I have a question for DS 160 form. I see a lot of people have this question but I didnot see an answer to this. Please help me how to tackle this scenario. 

I Graduated from a university in DEC 0X... after that I was on my OPT from next FEB 0Y till OCT 0Y with employer 1. I got my H1B visa and I started working with the same employer on H1B. 

From Feb 0Y to May 0Y, I was under the training/unpaid internship with the same employer.  This period was unpaid. 

Since May 0Y, I worked with that employer on H1b that was paid. I recently got my H1b transferred to the new employer. 

Question :
while i was filling my DS160, I see a question

Were you ever Employed before ( provide employment details for last 5 years ) :Start Date to End Date
...since it was OPT and was on unpaid training, I don't have any paystubs that is no payroll was run during that initial period. Should I mention the date of my previous employment from Feb 0Y to Aug 0Z ot May 0Y to Aug 0Z. 

On my H1 I don't have any gaps..have been working all the time ...
please help me out with this question, I am worried what should I enter as a start date. 
I really appreciate your help with this, who have been already in the same situation please share your experience.

Thanks in advance

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If you have reported your employer details to your school while you on OPT then you need to mentioned in DS160.


Make sure your won't leave more than 90 days gap in OPT or else you will face a serious problem. I recommend even if  you didn't get paid for first few month on OPT and you truly at your employer location (Marketing/training/bench) then  you can cover those month in your employment.


Also you need to check with you employer who filled your h1 that what he mentioned (Employment dates/experience) while filling your h1 that exactly you need to mentioned in DS160.



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