Went to H1b stamping in Jamaica after 7 yrs and approved


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  I went to Jamica kingston for h1b stamping on Dec11th and got approved.My is h1 to h1 renewal. I went to stamping after almost 8 yrs.


This will be helpful if you are going for h1b stamping after long years.


Questions asked during interview:

VO:  You been here (USA) for a long time. How?

 - I said my GC is under process and I-140 is approved.

VO: Ok, good.


VO: are you with the same employer from your last visa?

 - I said No. ( I changed 4 employers but I didnt mentioned that )


VO: who is your current employer?

VO: who is your client?

VO: what is your current role and explain your duties?

  - VO never bothered to listen. VO is just typing and with in less than 30 secs, asked me next question. (May be VO did not understand what I am saying..as I am little nervous ..:)

VO: what is your title?

VO: Do you have any criminal record in USA?

  - I said No.. and smiled.

VO: Approved.


She did not ask for a single document to show.


Only concern at the Jamica kingston is that it takes atleast 2 weeks to get your passport.


My appointment is at  7.30am. I went to consulate at 6.50am. I came out by 8.45am. There are lot of Jamicans in the line...huge rush. There are only 4 indians in the line that day.


Room sharing (30$ per day) and cabs are very cheap but food is little expensive in Jamiaca


Hope it helps and good luck if any one going to Jamica for stamping.




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