H1B Employer Employee RFE what is required to respond.


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Hi Gurus,


Here is my situation.


I moved to a new employer last year since my previous employer messed up my GC processing.

Got My I140 approved with my new employer and filed for H1b extension and got an RFE (Employer Employee- Right to control) for my H1b extension. 


My Employer has a direct client.


We have the following.

  1. Client letter from November.
  2. MSA
  3. Copy of H1b Support Letter from my employer.
  4. Employment Offer letter
  5. Itinerary of Services
  6. Copy of Position description. 
  7. Paystubs.

The RFE is asking for


-SOW-  my employer got the SOW.

-Previous year employee review- We have the review

-Organization chart- We have the Org chat.


My concern is do we need and updated Client letter and PO  or we should be o.k with what we have.

Please let me know if PO and updated client letter is mandatory.




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I understand that my employer/attorney would take care of it, but I am concerned and worried, Like all the H1b applicants  I struggled at lot to make it in the country so I would like to understand what can be done to get an approval.


Please let me know if PO and Updated Client letter would help/Mandatory saying that my employer has right to hire and fire etc...


Please help




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