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H1B stamp - took break from job due to accident

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Hello all,


I have a question regarding my h1b visa. I will be very thankful if you can help me with it.


I got a job on h1b visa in September 2013 when I was in the USA. While I was on my job, my mother who was visiting me in the USA from India, met with an accident. She was hit by a car while she was walking in my apartment complex. Unfortunately, she suffered life-threatening injuries. She was in a hospital for 2 months and then in a rehab facility.


Due to this event, I couldn't continue my job from August 2014. I had to be by mother's side for her care and recovery. I took this time off with full consent of my employer. Ultimately, I had to fly to India with her. By God's grace she is recovering and now in her own home in India.


Now, I would like to go to the USA and resume my work. I need to get my h1b visa stamped at the Mumbai consulate. However, I had to take break from my job from August 2014. I had no choice. Do I need to obtain any specific document from my employer? I do not have pay slips for the above period. I do have pay slips prior to that period along with approved I-797 and offer letter.


Please guide me. I am very interested to resume my work in the USA as a physical therapist and take care of my patients.



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check if your employer has ran the pay stub during the time you were in us and not working to a client. If so then you should be good to go with stamping. else check with your employer.

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Well....rahul412....why aren't you whining ..!

There is nothing wrong in this case, OP has a genuine reason for not getting paid.

Illegals are getting EAD's on humanitarian grounds, taking care of his sick mother and not getting paid for month shouldn't be a big deal.

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You should be  fine even after your payroll didn't run for last 2-3 month you can still get your visa stamped. You can easily explain that you wasn't in US because of such such reason and I didn't get paid for that period. Don't worry stay focus be confident and your will get visa for sure.  FYI this is very common scenario.

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