Successful stamping at Mumbai


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Hello, I had my H1 B interview last week in Mumbai. This was for new H1 B (cap exempt) after being on J1 for maximum period and getting J1 waiver.

When it was my turn to step up to the window I handed the visa officer(VO) my passport and H1B approval form; questions asked-


who is your employer?

what work do you do?

how long have you worked there?

what is your salary?

are you married?


VO said your visa is approved and you will get your passport within 3 days. 

Within 36 hrs I received email about passport ready for pickup and was able to get the passport.

Note I did carry all necessary documents - my J1 waiver, LCA, my employer appointment letter, bank statements, W2s, etc. But VO didn't ask for any of these.


it's kind of annoying having to make 3 trips, one for biometric appointment, 2nd for interview and third for passport pickup; that aside overall experience was pretty smooth.


At the port of entry in Chicago, the officer just said : H1B? I said yes, got 4-fingerprinted and mugshot taken and that was all.



Thanks again to all who responded in a timely manner to my queries on this forum during my entire J1 waiver/H1 process. I am happy to see the end of 2014!

Happy New Year!





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