Visa stamping experience in Hyderabad Dec 22nd 2014


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I’m on EVC model. This is my first H1 (F1 to H1) 


Questions asked:


Good Morning and I slided my passport along with 797 to the VO. She returned my 797 saying I don’t need that. 


  1. Do you work for XYZ company ?
  2. Do you have any end client ?
  3. Are you on a vacation here ?


Verified finger prints and said enjoy your vacation, your visa is approved.



Dec 19 2pm, Fri: OFC Appointment. They only need your passport, ds-160 confirmation and appointment confirmation. It takes approximately 15 mins from the time you are in the line till you get out.


Dec 22 8am, Mon: Interview. I was at the consulate by 7:30, they started letting people in from 7:40 am. It was around 8:10 when I reached counter 11. Interview was around 30 seconds.


Dec 23 2pm, Tue: Got an email/text message confirming my passport is ready for pick-up.


I would like to thank everybody in this forum for posting their experiences, this definitely helped me to prepare well for the interview.


PS: I originally scheduled my appointment for Jamaica consulate before Oct 31st, got cancellation email like several other folks followed by a re-scheduled appointment for Feb 3rd 2015.


Thanks !

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