*URGENT* Regarding Interview waiver drop-box program


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My prior H-1B visa with current employer "ABC" expired on 11/25/2014 but I have approved H-1B visa extension with the same employer "ABC" till 12/20/2015 and so does my wife who is on H-4 visa.I'm going on personal trip to India on 1/2/2015 and will be coming back to U.S.A on 1/25/2015 and my wife will be coming back to U.S on 2/25/2015. Both me and my wife qualify for the "Interview waiver drop-box" program. Now my concern is that my wife has a different "Receipt number" than mine on her approved H-4 visa extension whereas her DS-160 form she submitted asked only for Principal Applicant's Receipt number i.e myself. Her dropbox confirmation letter states that she needs to provide original I-797A copy. So Is this HER I-797A copy she needs to submit or is it MY I-797A copy? If she provides her i-797A copy and not mine, won't the U.S consulate in Mumbai question about it since the Receipt number starting with EAC we mentioned in her ustraveldocs application is mine since it specifically asked for "Principal applicant" information but her I-797A copy has a different Receipt number?? We won't be able to provide both her and mine I-797A copy while sending her application as both will be submitting our applications to drop-box on the same day. Please advise.

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