New H1B immediately FMLA


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I was on H4 visa from few 1.5 year till Sep.30.2014. I got my H1b approved and active from Oct.01.2014 (received the I-94 along with H1b approval I797). But at that time, I was at end of my 2nd trimester (maternity). So, I talked to my employer (FL) and applied maternity leave for 7 months (from Oct.1.2014 to April.30.2015). 

My concerns are 
1. Am I going to out of status with these 7 months unpaid or loss of pay maternity leave? 
2. Do I get a W2 form for 2014 employment period (even though I was on unpaid leave) 
3. Do I need file the tax returns (for Oct-2014 to Dec-2014 period) with zero earnings? 
4. For FY 2012, 2013, my spouse filled the joined tax filing as me and my kid are dependents to him. But for this 2014, does my spouse need to file a join filing with my unemployment period (Jan 2014 to Sep 2014), and i need to file the employment period (oct 2014 to dec 2014). Please clarify me how we need to proceed here? 

Many thanks for your help.

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