Will I need to go for Stamping again


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Hi All,


I have approved and stamped h1b with Company A until Sept 2016. 


In Oct 2014 I have transferred my H1b to Company B and started working its valid for 3 years until Oct 2017. 


I am planning to travel to my home country in Jan 2015. Do I need to go for stamping again for my new employer or my old stamping until Sept 2016 and I797C with my new employer is enough for me to visit and come back to US?


Please advice.


Thanks All.

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I have similar question but I am adding one more scenario. What if old employer revoke's H1B? If they do so, can we still travel? How can I check the validity of Old H1B?


as per USTRAVELDOCs.com "If you already hold a valid visa for your intended purpose of travel, you MAY not need a visa."

"May" in above sentence create some confusion. It means they has to be some exception where you are not eligible to travel even if you hold valid visa for intended purpose. What could be those exceptions?




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