Going for H1-B with a charge


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In need for really great help from the attorneys.


Did a horrible mistake by shoplifting ( I regret every second for that I will for rest of my life)


Now the question is contacted a criminal lawyer and said he would taking court date which will be in end of Jan


what is he going to do :


Plea leading no contest with a plea being held in abeyance.

So that I will not have a record CIMT record ( with 6 months to 1 year of probation and fine)


Question 1:

I have to travel to india in March which is a must , hopefully I will not be convicted as per my lawyer and will be on probation 

can I do it ?


I have to go to stamping when I go . So if I have all the documents of court ( still in probation though ) will this be an issue ?


what should I be expecting ?


After a while my lawyers plane is to get the records sealed . So will that effect my GC ( which I am applying ?


yes it should never have happened but it did ? what all should i do it get it fixed ?

please advice






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