H4 EAD affecting Principal H1-B holder


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My question is simple, suppose the H4 EAD rule gets passed and H4 whose principal H1-B is I-1140 approved gets the EAD, now what-


1. Does this mean that principal H1-B has to remain with the employer through which the I-140 was approved in order for the H4's EAD to be valid. (Is this not super limiting for the principal H1-B)?

2. What would be the validity of the H4's EAD? duration remaining on principal H1-B visa?

3. Can the principal H1-B change jobs? while the H4 EAD still remains valid so that H4 does not have to leave the job?




I am not sure if I am missing something or its just collateral for principal H1-B.


(for any non law firm person, please don't be judgmental or emotional). This is just fact checking.

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