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Successfully Completed the VISA Interview at Ottawa, CA

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First I would like to thank you murthy forum for its information.


My interview was on 12/18/14 9:15 AM.


Me: Good Morning Sir, How are you today

VO: Great. What do you do for your employer

Me: I told my job name

VO: Is it a IT consulting company.

Me: Yes, provide IT solutions to the clients

VO: who is your client

Me: I told my client name.

VO: Do you have client letter

Me:My client will not provide the letter to contractors but I have a email from my manager when I requested a letter.

VO: looked into the email for couple of seconds and said wow, this is great (my manager wrote really good email response)

VO: How long have you been working for this client

Me: july 2014

VO: How long have you been working for your employer

Me: May 2012

VO: which location you worked before here and what is client

Me: I told the location and client name

VO: what is your last date at the previous client

Me: May 2014

VO: what did you do in 45 day gap.

Me: I already got the position on jun 2014 but they asked me to wait until mid july.

VO: Did your employer payed that time

Me: Yes

VO: Give me your last 7 months pay stubs , especially month of june an july.

Me. I gave 12 months pay stubs

VO: why is your pay stubs are much higher than the amount in the offer letter.

Me: My project is upgrade project and I will get overtime. If required I can show you my last 3 months timesheets.

VO: he looked into my pay stubs and said this are  not making any sense.why is your july salary is very low

Me: I am very nervous this time and I also dont know the answer why my salary is low at that time. So I asked him, do you want to see my W-2, 2013 and tax returns

VO: Yes please

VO: Now it make sense.

VO: your VISA is approved. you will get your passport early next week.


I said thank you and walked away with smile on my face.


This is my first H1B and I am F1-H1.


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Thats extreme levels of scrutiny, thank your GOD every second of your life, you are one of the RAREST CASES to get approval after such an IN-DEPTH look at your so-called june or whatever july month of 2013....this is INSANITY...Canada is COLLAPSING after Jamaica....this world is coming to an end...phew....!

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