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Jamaica h1b: Appointment CONFUSION: please advice

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Sep 2014:

I booked my 1st Jamaican Consulate appointment for h1b renewal stamping in Sep 2014 for a date in Nov 2014.


Oct 2014:

We saw an update online from Jamaican Consulate that 3rd country nationals after 31st Oct, 2014 cannot apply and go there.


Nov 2014:

Due to health issues, i cancelled my Nov appointment and did not go


Nov 2014:

I was able to successfully reschedule my appointment to Jan 2015



Please note that throughout this whole thing, i NEVER received an appointment cancellation email from Jamaican Consulate.


I am assuming that based on the info provided here, i can GO to jamaica to get my 2nd h1b stamping done.


Note: i spoke with a person from this forum who also booked before 31st Oct, 2014 and went to get stamped on Nov 10,2014 and never received a cancellation email from jamaica.


So in my case too, i assume that even though i did not get a cancellation email from jamaica and i re-scheduled by myself, since i paid fee before Oct 31,2014, i can go.


PS: Sorry to all who might feel that there's no need for me to post all this, but its a cumbersome and highly expensive process, so want to make sure.


"For go to home country lovers": please excuse...thank you

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