F1 to H1 with Passport issued in Saudi Arabia


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I have obtained my H1B visa in October 2014 and I have been working for my company for 9 months now. I have a passport which was issued in Saudi Arabia since I renewed it there when I went to visit my parents in 2007 (My parents still live in Saudi Arabia). I have been given 221-g when I applied for my F1 visa from Hyderabad and it took a month to get my F1 visa stamped. I thought it might have been delayed since my passport was issued in Saudi.


Now I am planning to get my H1B visa stamped from F1. I got my job through an on campus interview and I have all my documents clear. I have the following options:


1) Visit Hyderabad again. Since I already got 221g here last time, will that have any impact?

2) Visit my parents in Saudi Arabia. I don't know if this a safe bet?

3) Visit Canada. Again my passport being issued in Saudi might cause suspicions?


Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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