Ottawa stamping successful- Loomis number question????


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Good Morning

Today morning i had my h1b stamping interview at Ottawa, canada.


My visa was approved.The VO kept my passport, and gave me a white sheet of paper to track my passport. Howevr i have two questions.


1.He did not keep the two passport sized photographs i was carrying separately. Does that mean they will use the digital photo i had uploaded for my ds-160 for the actual visa.??


2. Secondly, how long it will take for the application status to update. Right now it shows nothing, neither the loomis waybill number nor anything like administrative processing??


Any suggestion shall be helpful.


I will be writing a new post soon, explaining in detail the entire interview process as well as the questions asked


Thanks a lot once again to murthy forum as well as senior members who have taken out valuable time from their busy schedules and given suggestions.






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