Sabbatical on H1B


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Hi all


Both me and my wife are on H1b visa. She has her visa valid till 2017.

Due to some personal reasons she wishes to take a sabbatical (unpaid leave) for 2 months and then rejoin the employer.

She will still have insurance coverage with the employer and will be on the employee list.


Is this possible?


If possible, can she stay in US or should she leave US and return back.





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she must leave USA and come to india to keep herself in valid status. Otherwise at the time of extension USCIS will ask for the missing pay stubs. This is very common these days. USCIS is consistently denying COS based on the fact that they were not getting paid for a month or two.....

B careful.

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Thank you all for the replies.


One last question. If she leaves to India and comes back after a couple of months, will there be any problem at immigration.


Does she need any proof that she still has the job and she was on vacation?



As long as H1B petition is not revoked she will be fine to enter with a valid H1B visa and I797.

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