I-797 original or copy required for H1B visa interview


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I am travelling to India from US, getting H1B visa (EXTENSION, sixth year running) stamping in chennai. I realised that I have only legible copies of I-797 however employement letter, w2, paystubs etc are there. Talked to our attorney, somehow my original got misplaced and they filed for duplicate original. Since it will take several weeks to receive the duplicate original, I was asked to carry on my interview with copies of I-797. Anyone experienced this situation? Thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated. When I looked at chennai consulate, they did mention about copies..


H and L applicants follow the nonimmigrant visa application process

Please bring copies of your Form I-797 Notice of Action and your I-129 petition to the interview.




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Copies are accepted for Visa Interview purposes however you need the Original at Port Of Entry.


I've travelled atleast 4 times in the last 3 years and i've never been asked for my original i-797. I've got my visa stamped with the copy as well. You don't need an original i-797 to travel. A copy is sufficient. They have all the details in their system and they ask you for your copy for just getting the i-94 number.

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