Employement terminated after approved I-140. Do I have to leave the US?


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My employer with whom I have worked for 8 years on H1B visa has just terminated my employment on Friday, Dec 12 & they will withdraw my H1, I-140 & I-485 from USCIS on Monday, Dec 15. I was on extended H1 (past 6 yrs limit) & 5 months away from EAD. I urgently need your expert guidance on my legal options before employer withdraws petitions on Monday. What is my status now in US? Can I transfer H1 to new employer? If I cannot, how much time do I have before I have leave the US without affecting my record and chances of coming back to the US?

The problem is, If I have to return to my home country, I need some grace time (at least 2-3 weeks) to wrap up my life here (sell car, ship belongings, empty apartment, etc) before I can move back. I would really appreciate if any of you please reply.

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