f-2 to h-1 question


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I transferred from f-1(no 221g) to h-1 this year(2014) and my wife is a f-2 to h-1 transferred (2014). when she went to her  f-2 visa stamping, she got 221g as she was not carrying her i-20. when she submitted her i-20, they have approved her f-2 visa, and she came to US then and applied h-1. we are planning to go to India in feb-mar 2015. I am hearing a lot that if there is 221g in the past, embassy is more scrutinizing the case. what is the best way for both of us to come back safely with stamping? I have couple of ideas in my mind. please share what is the best option for my situation.


1. both go to india and attend interview together ( 1 day gap) 

2. I go to india first, attend interview and once that is done, then my wife can come to india and attend the interview

3. I go to a third country (Jamaica or Canada) to attend interview


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