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I am going for a 2nd time H1b stamping. During my first time stamping I was issued a 221(g) green form at Chennai consulate and after about 3 months got my Visa. Now while filling DS-160 form, for the question, "Have you ever been refused a US Visa, been refused an admission to united states ...." , should I answer 'YES' and explain what happened before ? Replies appreciated. Thanks.

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I am not sure though but initially when I attended B1 in Hyd, my visa it got rejected during that time they provided a form (not remember as it way back) . But after this I have attended for H1 twice where i have mentioned this form details while filling up my DS160 (both occasions), it didn't impacted in both situations. They never even ask a question on this, in my view they wont consider all these as it is a common for all.  

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Hi Jairichi,

On my 221G form, it clearly said that "...your application remains pending. This is NOT a refusal and we regret that this process may take an extended period of time."


Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks much.

This is a tricky question. It is a refusal for immediate visa approval but pending for administrative processing. You can always answer NO to visa refusal question in DS160 if you had got 221G. Should not be a problem.

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