Visa Approved on Dec1st. Still showing as administrative pocessing


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Hello i got 221G pink slip on October 28th in Kingston, Jamaica. I wait almost 1 month and after that  i got an email from the consulate to submit my passport for my final processing. I went to consulate on December 1st then VO interviewed me again and told that my visa is approved and she said collect passport from the DHL after 4-5 business days. Its almost 10 business days completed still it is showing as administrative processing. I am sending emails everyday to consulate but they are not responding back.


Does anybody have any idea how long it will take to change the status to Issued?


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They may have put your case back into administrative processing :-( . It can happen though an adjudicating officer approves your visa a secondary/supervisor can put it into further review. 


  I am sorry but wanted to ask. Why did you have to travel to Jamaica. Going to a third country for stamping is always risky and better avoided.

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@axg Unfortunately yes. I am staying here from oct 28th.


@PingPong Yes i accept it ,that is the mistake i did. That's why i suggest everybody not to go third country for visa. Especially Jamaica think before you are coming here.


I saw lot of worst cases who got 221 g's here. Most of them are not posting their experiences after getting 221G's here. That is the reason people are not aware of it. I know 90 % people are getting acceptance here what i saw from last 2 months. But what if you are in that 10%. I am not scaring anybody just giving a suggestion. Even after approval of visa, here they were taking one week time to deliver the passport to DHL. It's not easy like before.


Please again i am not scaring anybody about Jamaican consulate and I am not telling it because of my frustration. This is what i observed from last 2 months.

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