How do I request USCIS send me my current status in writing


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My Previous H1b i-94 expired on 10/31/2014.
My Employer applied for H1 Transfer on 10/23/2014 which was approved on 11/18/2014 with 11/18/2014 effective date.
Also in Parallel we applied COS to H4 on 10/28/2014. After H1 Approval we sent H4 withdrawal letter which was received by USCIS on 11/22/2014 and on 11/24/2014 USCIS approved the H4 COS with 11/15/2014 effective date.

I called USCIS and they said they are going to process my H4 withdrawal.
After USCIS withdraw my H4 petition will I automatically get H1b status or I will be out of status?
How do I request USCIS send me my current status in writing?

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Thanks JoeF.

What will happen in the below scenario:

If my employer apply COS from H4 to H1b (and during my H1b COS is pending or after it got approved) then USCIS withdraw my h4 will I be out of status?

Which date will be considered for h4 withdrawal? actual processed date by USCIS or the day of the withdrawal letter received by USCIS?

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